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Get up to 10 times your money back in bonuses if you are 1 out. Take a multiple bet on 7 or more matches and if only one match or event loses you qualify for a money back offer. The more teams and the higher your odds, the more money back you can claim in bonus bets. For your ticket to qualify for this promotion, the following terms and conditions apply;

Teams/Events Money Back Minimum Odds
7-10 Teams or Events 1 X (Refund) 20-49
11-14 Teams or Events 2 X (Double Money Back) 50-99
15-19 Teams or Events 5 X (Double Money Back) 100-249
20 Teams or Events 10 X (Double Money Back) 250 and above
Terms and Conditions
  1. The above table represents the amount of teams/events required on your ticket as well as the minimum odds to claim money back. For example: you have a multiple bet with 10 teams and odds of 26, you then qualify for 1 x money back. If you have sufficient number of games but the total odds fall below the required minimum for the band, then you will not qualify for the offer.

    Example: If you have 13 games in your ticket, but total odds are below 50, then you will not qualify for the offer.
  2. If one or more of your selections are void and the amount of selections / legs falls below 7, then your ticket will not count for the promotion. Only resulted teams / events count towards money back selections and categories. For example, you have multiple bet with 7 teams and one match is cancelled. Your multiple bet now has 6 teams. You do not qualify for the promotion.
  3. If the odds on your ticket fall below the minimum odds requirement of 20, then your ticket will not count for the promotion even if you have 7 or more teams or events. Each money back category has a minimum odds requirement to qualify. For example, you have 10 teams on your ticket at odds 21 and one match is cancelled. You now have 9 teams remaining but the odds on the 9 teams is 16. You do not qualify for this promotion.
  4. The minimum stake amount is Tzs 450.
  5. Maximum refund amount is Tzs. 200,000 in free bet per bet.
  6. Bets taken with free bets do not qualify for this promotion.
  7. Free bet is valid for one week only & issued within 24 hours of bet being settled.
  8. Mkekabet reserve the right to end the promotion at any time without any explanation.
  9. This offer applies to pre kick off bets only. In play bets do not count.
  10. All general Mkekabet terms and conditions apply.
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